Snow Globe Shape Cookie Cutter (CUSTOM MADE- Silhouette to match your pets)

Snow Globe Shape Cookie Cutter (CUSTOM MADE- Silhouette to match your pets)

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Snow globes are even more magical when you can see your fur children in them. Create your very own Snow Globe cookie cutter that will stamp out beautiful cookies to celebrate the holiday season. 

LIMIT 15 characters when personalizing. Characters include spaces.

Would you like to create yours from our selection of silhouettes?
Shop our SINGLE or MULTI PET Snow Globe cookie cutters.

Homemade treats are on every pup's wish list. Bake up dog cookies so your pup can join in the celebration of the holidays! These also make a perfect gift for your fur friends & are also a great stocking stuffer for the dog lover in your life.

Files accepted: JPEG or PNG only

Photo Guidelines:
1. Good quality & bright

2. Level view photo of your pet sitting from behind.

3. Best if tail and ears are visible, as your pet's silhouette will be drawn exactly as pictured.

TIP: Have someone hold a treat up in front of them, while you take a photo from behind.

Design Process:
1. When we receive your order, we will check over your photo. We will email you if there are any issues with your photograph.

2. An illustration of your pet's silhouette will be created based on your submitted photo.

3. You will receive a proof of what you cookie cutter will look like with your custom drawn silhouette(s) via email within a week of ordering & you will have 48 hrs to request any changes. If we do not receive a response, we will move forward in the design process.

4. We will converted your custom designed cutter into a 3D artwork.

5. Once the 3D design process is complete, we will create the cutter & test stamp it to ensure it looks perfect.

6. Once your cutter is approved by our designer, it will go out for shipment.

Please NOTE: If you decide you'd like to use a different photo after your proof has been created, there will be an additional re-design fee to create a new illustration for your cutter. 

Process Time: Current process time for custom cutters is up to 2 weeks (10 business days- see our processing & shipping guide for more information. Please note, on average it will take up to a full week to receive your proof of illustration via email. All items in your order will ship when your custom cutter is complete. 

Cutter Size: The cookie size when stamped will be 3" x 2.5"". 

About our Cookie Cutters: 

  • Made in house in the USA
  • Material: We use PLA bioplastic that is eco-friendly and food safe.
  • Depth: The cookie will be 1/4" thick when stamped. Not too dense, making it perfect for the littlest of dogs to the biggest of dogs.


To help with dough issues while using our cookie cutters, we created a tool set. Our cookie cutter tool set is designed to help push out dough when dough is stubborn and won't release easily from the cookie cutter. Shop for our tool set: click here.

Included with your entire cookie cutter order:

Your complete cookie cutter order will include a 4x6 bag for storage, a recipe card & product care card. 
Need an extra bag for storage or gift giving? Cookie Cutter bags are available to purchase. 

Care Instructions & Products Tips

Need a different size? Or something specific? Contact us and we can see if we can help!

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