About Us

The Story

My name is April. I'm the owner and maker of Loki Doki Dog and a proud dog mom to Loki and Drax.

When I brought home my two littermate Labrador Retrievers puppies, I searched for the perfect collars for my growing fur babies. I couldn't find anything that spoke to my style; it seemed as if there wasn't much selection on the market.

I decided to take out my sewing machine and sew up collars for them. That's how Loki Doki Dog came to life.

The Love

From the first step to the last stitch, my goal is to bring a smile to you and your fur baby.

All my items are made in-house, sewn by myself. Fabric is carefully hand-picked to bring a sizable selection for both girl and boy dogs in unique modern prints for the modern dog parent. Comfort, durability, and quality are always thoughtfully considered in the selection process, as if I was making it for my own two pups.

When you receive a cookie cutter from my shop, those are also made in-house by our shop's dog dad, my husband Denny. I design them and he creates them. It's teamwork at its best.

The Gratitude

The pride of my shop is bringing small-batch quality products for your very own.

You'll often find me sitting in my sewing room planning for new products and new collections, with Drax sitting under my cutting table and Loki inspecting my trash for useable waste.

How I love doing what I do! Thank you for supporting a dream.