Do you have any questions?

  1. How long will it take to receive my order?
    Standard orders are shipped once they are processed. In your order confirmation email, you'll find our current processing time for standard orders. Once your order is processed, your order will ship. Our current process time for standard orders is also displayed along the header of our website. 

    Custom orders that require design work and proof before manufacturing, will ship within approximately two weeks from it's order date. Your entire order will ship at that time.

    We process orders Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. 

    Shipping time will vary, based on the shipping method selected at checkout. Unfortunately, shipping time cannot be guaranteed by Loki Doki Dog. It is up to the shipping carrier to deliver your package in a timely matter. 

    If you need a guarantee that your package will be delivered on time, select USPS Priority Mail Express or UPS Next Day Air. Both carriers have a guarantee when this method is selected.
  2. What if my package is delayed during shipping?
    Even with prompt shipments, occasionally carrier delays can occur. When this happens, it is outside of our control.  

    A majority of our packages ship using USPS Ground Advantage. When selecting this shipping method at checkout, please keep in mind that USPS is currently experiencing delays due to a high volume of e-commerce packages.

    Our policy for packages that appear lost in transit, is as follows:

    If a package has not been delivered or shown movement within 14 days of the last USPS scan activity, we will issue a replacement or store credit. We have found a large majority of delayed packages are delivered or show movement within that time frame. 
  3. What if my packaged was marked delivered, but I haven't received it?
    When a package appears to be missing, it is almost always one of the following situations: 

    - The shipping carrier accidentally marked the package as delivered before it actually was. From our experience when this happens with USPS, no other activity will be shown, even though the package still moves through the system & arrives to the recipient, as scheduled. 

    - The package may have been delivered to the wrong address, most likely your neighbor's home. 

    - The package may have been delivered to your property, in a different spot than usual. 

    - The postal carrier may have attempted to deliver your package & your package is now awaiting pick up at your local post office. The carrier may have forgotten to leave a slip with instructions to pick up your package. Also, the slip may have been received by another person from your household, or the slip may have been lost. 

    If you encounter a missing package from USPS, we highly suggest you speak with management at your local post office & ask for the GPS coordinates of where your package was delivered. When a package is scanned by the carrier, it records the exact delivery location. They should willingly provide you with that information. Retrieving the GPS coordinates can only be done at the local level, so we unfortunately can not retrieve that information for you. You can also report a missing USPS package by calling their general number at 1-800-275-8777. 

    With your help & the carrier's involvement, a lost package usually shows up in a few days. Our policy is that if a package still hasn't shown up 14 days after the recorded delivery date, we will issue a replacement or store credit. For military mail, please allow up to 45 days to locate missing mail.
  4. Do you ship internationally?
    At this time, we ship to USA & Canada only. 

     Some of our international customers use a reputable USA-based shipping forwarding company to handle their international packages. 
  5. What is your return policy?
    At this time, all sales are final on all purchases. We do not accept returns. 

    We highly recommend measuring your dog's neck before placing an order and referring to our sizing charts for all our dog fashions. 

    If there happens to be an issue with your order, please promptly bring it to our attention by contacting us.
  6. How do I care for my Loki Doki Dog product?
    There's a link to all our product care instructions at the bottom of our website, located under helpful links.
  7. Can you create a logo cookie cutter for my small business?
    We have successfully created logo cookie cutters for a few small businesses. Our pricing starts at $37.99. Your quoted price will include a design fee & the cost of one cutter. If you require more cutters, you can buy them individually. We can provide a quote once we receive more information and review the file you provide.  

    You can contact us & provide answers to the following questions:   

    1. Do you have a simple rendition of your logo? Your logo should be free of realism, depth, shadows & colors. 

    2. Was your logo originally designed in a vector-based design program similar to Adobe Illustrator? Do you have the original SVG or AI file? Files converted to SVG through a design program like Canva will not work. 

    3. If you don't have a vector file of your logo artwork, can you provide a black & white high-resolution image of your logo? Your black & white image should appear how you would like your logo to look if it was stamped out on paper. 

    4. What overall size cutter do you need? Will the greatest length be larger than 3"?  

    5. Do you need a cut-out height greater than our standard 1/4" depth? 

    After we hear from you, we will ask you to share a file for review. We will look at it to make sure the file is useable for us to design into a cookie cutter and will allow us to manufacture it before you order.  

    A few things to keep in mind: 

    A logo cookie cutter works best when minimizing excess wording or graphics. Lines in your logo will be thickened up to create a thick enough impression. If lines are close in your logo to begin when scaled down to a small size, those elements will touch when turned into a cutter. A simple rendition of your logo will help us create a cutter that's easy for you to work with when baking; it will allow your logo design to create a clean & clear impression on your stamped cookie. We will suggest slight modifications to your logo design if we feel it is a tight design. We always want to ensure you receive a functional cookie cutter. 

    Are you unable to provide the type of file we need? Extensive logo design work is not offered. But if you need assistance in obtaining a proper file, we are happy to recommend a graphic designer who could assist you. 
  8. Can you engrave my business logo onto your engravable products?
    We can engrave your logo onto our custom-engravable products for your business needs. We have done so for many businesses.

    A few things we would first ask: 

    1. Do you have an SVG (vector file) or your logo? This must be a clean file and not one that's generated through a design program, such as Canva. 

    2. If you don't have an SVG file, can you provide a black & white image of your logo? 

    3. Which product do you wish to engrave with your logo & how many?

    Please contact us and provide us with answers to the questions listed above. Once we hear from you, we will give you instructions to share your file with us. After we receive your file, we will look at it to make sure the file is useable for us to engrave with, before you place an order. 

    We will do our best to suggest slight modifications to your logo design if we feel any elements will be too thin for engraving. 
  9. Do you offer wholesale?
    We do not offer wholesale at this time. 

    But, we do offer logo-engraved products in bulk for small businesses (e.g. barkuterie boards.) We also can create a custom logo cookie cutter for your business needs. Please contact us for more information.