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Pet Portrait Cookie Cutter (Custom)
Pet Portrait Cookie Cutter (Custom)
Pet Portrait Cookie Cutter (Custom)
Pet Portrait Cookie Cutter (Custom)
Pet Portrait Cookie Cutter (Custom)
Pet Portrait Cookie Cutter (Custom)
Pet Portrait Cookie Cutter (Custom)
Pet Portrait Cookie Cutter (Custom)
Pet Portrait Cookie Cutter (Custom)

Pet Portrait Cookie Cutter (Custom)

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"You're so cute, I could eat you up!"

Our Custom Pet Portrait cookie cutters are made to look just like your pet! You provide a photo; we create a cookie cutter that looks like your dog or cat.

A custom cutter of your dog or cat is perfect to make human cookies, dog biscuits and treats for your cat. Planning a birthday party for your dog or cat? Surprise your guests with treats that look like them. Your custom homemade cookies will be the star & talk of the dessert table. 

Files accepted: JPEG or PNG only

Photo Guidelines:
1. Good quality & bright
2. Up-close picture of your pet
3. A front & leveled view of your pet works best
4. If they have extra fluff, make sure we can see their ears, eyes, nose & mouth
5. A picture that captures their personality always makes for a great custom cookie cutter.

Design Process:
1. When we receive your order, we will check over your photo. We will email you if there are any issues with your photograph.
2. An illustration of your pet will be created based on your photo.
3. You will receive a proof of the illustration via email within a week of ordering & you will have 48 hrs to request any changes. If we do not receive a response, we will move forward in the design process.
4. The illustration will be converted into a 3D design.
5. Once the 3D design is complete, we will create the cutter and test stamp it to ensure it looks perfect.
6. Once your cutter is approved by our designer, it will go out for shipment.

Please NOTE: If you decide you'd like to use a different photo after your proof has been created, there will be an additional re-design fee to create a new illustration for your cutter. 

Cutter Size: The cookie size when stamped will depend on the overall shape of the cutter. We will create it so its widest point is between 2.5" - 3.5". Depth of the cookie cutter will be 1/4" deep.

  • Made in house in the USA
  • Material: We use PLA bioplastic that is eco-friendly and food safe

Process Time: Current process time for custom cutters is up to 2 weeks (10 business days- see our processing & shipping guide for more information. Please note, on average it will take up to a full week to receive your proof of illustration via email.

Included with your entire cookie cutter order:

Your complete cookie cutter order will include a 4x6 bag for storage, a recipe card & product care card. 
Need an extra bag for storage or gift giving? Cookie Cutter bags are available to purchase. 

Care Instructions & Products Tips

Need a different size? Or something specific? Contact us and we can see if we can help!

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Madeline Morse
Dreams do come true!

I asked April if she could do a custom cookie cutter with both of my pups for our "biscuit bar" at our wedding, she responded promptly and exceeded my expectation of the product! I cannot wait for everyone to see what she created for our special day!

Rachel Sin
My heart ❤️

This is our first time baking cookies for our dog, Cody. The cookie cutter is sooooo cute! We can't get over how good it looks, it's such a good idea and it turned out great! He loves the treats and we took a bunch of cute pictures. We just love that we have created so many great memories with him using this cutter. We might get another one for his cousin for his birthday. Speaking of birthday, it would be great to bake up some cookies to giveaway to friends and family for Cody's birthday. The cutter should work on human cookies too.

Jenny Fleming

We’re looking forward to baking with the cutter this weekend but it’s absolutely stunning upon arrival! Cannot wait to show off this cuteness!

Christina C
Love this pet portrait cutter!

I love to bake but I'm not the best with cookie cutters. When I saw this I knew I had to have one because it's so unique. They are hand drawn from your pets photo! I followed the dog biscuit recipe it came with and it was an amazingly easy dough to use. They smelled so good in the oven and came out pawfect. My dog loves them and I think it's so funny that he's eating a snack of his own face. Next up I am going to try the sugar cookie recipe for the humans.

Love this!

This product was so fun to use! Loved that it was sent with a recipe too. My dog loved the treats I made her, and they were absolutely adorable & looked just like her!