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for brand ambassadors
This page is filled with tips and tricks for capturing great content & photographs . When selecting Brand Ambassadors, one import aspect is finding accounts that share our brand's aesthetics with sharp and bright images, with simple backdrops to best hightlight our products and make your dog and our product the center of attention.

Keep things bright.

Take photos in natural lighting

Show us the product!

Keep your subject in close view to ensure you are showcasing our product well..

Shooting Stars

Make sure you pup is relaxed. Run or play with them a bit to get them smiling and their ears perked up.  

Keep the background simple

Neutral colored and uncluttered backgrounds is the way to go. Try to avoid grass and go for more urban setting or even using your front door as a backdrop.

Have fun

Get creative and enjoy time with your pup. 

What we need more of

Quality collar & cookie cutter photos



Get ready to take photos by double checking things so you're ready to go, before getting you pup all posed for a picture. 

Check your lens that its clean, check lighting and look for the perfect spot for photo taking. 

Indoor Light

Natural light creates a soft glow that artificial light is difficult to mimic. Finding natural light outdoors is easy- indoors is not so easy.

Indoors, find a place near a window that has its shades drawn. This will bring in natural light. 

White Balance

Artifical light can alter the white balance in a photo. If your image has yellow tones, you might need to find better lighting.

Outdoor Sun

Don't washout your photos with high noon sun. Around noon is  when you'll usually see hard shadows and parts of your image will become washed out from the sunlight. Opt for early morning and early evening for outdoor photo taking. Find shade if you're able to and avoid having your pup face the sun.


Blur out the background, so your pup is the star of the photo! Have your pup stand at a distance from what is behind them, until you notice the background is beginning to blur. If a subject is too close to another object, that object will be in focus also.


Our brand aesthetics favor urban & nature trails, versus grass & dirt. If a location is hard to find for photo taking, find a place in your home that's cluttered free and has an abundance of natural light.

Make it pop

Choose backdrops with neutral colors such as white, gray & beige.

With doing that, your pup & our products will naturally pop & will be the main focus of the photograph. 

Eye to eye with your dog

Get down to your pups level and capture photos from their perspective. 

Also, as you move your camera, keep an eye on the background and see how it changes. You might find the perfect angle to capture the perfect picture you wouldn't have discovered.   

Keep things sharp

A clear image is easily attained in a bright setting. In low light, your picture will become grainy. 

Also, make sure your camera is focusing on the subject & the item you are modeling. Look before you snap, that everything looks sharp.


With social media, keep in mind it's best to capture your photograph in portrait style photography, versus landscape. 

When your photo is edited, it will most likey be cropped to 4x5 or 1x1. We don't want to lose any pretty ears or torsos in the process.

Use Rules of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a composition guideline that places your subject in the left or right third of an image, leaving the other two thirds more open. 

The rule of thirds creates compelling and well-composed shots. Many phones have an option to display a grid when photo taking.


Have fun! Enjoy the time with your pup. That's what being a Brand Ambassador is all about!



 We love how this image of Lola captures what it means to bake for your fur child. Getting in the kitchen and allowing them to sniff, taste and observe the process, that's what it's all about! We also love that our cookie cutter is captured in this fun photograph, along with stamped cookies. We don't sell cookies; we sell cookie cutters. Someone that comes across this photo will have no doubt what Loki Doki Dog sells. Bravo, for the perfect cookie cutter photo!


 We adore this sweet and precious photo of Reese. Capturing your pup in the moment tells a story you just can't find in a posed photo. We also love the natural light coming in the room to keep the photo bright while shooting indoors. Natural light into a room will keep the white balance in check when photo taking. Her Loki Doki Dog bow pops against the neutral light and bright background. Paws up for the beautiful photograph!


 What can we say, Luna looks pawsome in this photo. She's in the shade on a bright sunny day, creating no hard shadows on her face and her Loki Doki Dog bandana is not washed out from the sunshine. Also, location is an A+. The neutral backdrop of the gravel and mountains creates interest, but doesn't overwhelm the photo and keeps the image looking bright. When it comes to shooting photographs outdoors Loki Doki Dog's aesthetics favors neutral color backdrops versus grass & greenery.  

@its.truffles We love, love, love, this photo of Truffles showing off her pet portrait baked cookies made with our custom cookie cutter! The image focuses on the cookies drawing the eye to what Truffles wants you to see, but you still can notice the resemblance between the cookie and Truffles.  


 We adore everything about this photograph of Sophie. Her bandana is the star in this photo, but at the same time the bright background with pops of color allows you to know the season, giving the viewer autumn vibes. We love how the camera focuses on Sophie while blurring out the background. With that, Sophie and her Loki Doki Dog bandana is the main subject in this photograph.


 We love seeing the smiles and joy Loki & Drax exhibit while wearing our bandanas in this photograph. Capturing the moment of just having fun and being a dog, will make any dog lover smile. Also, the photo was taken at their level, so you can see their faces clearly and places them against the beautiful bright terrain, leaving a slight touch of the blue sky. We can tell from this image it was a bright sunny day with no shade available. Loki and Drax facing away from the sunlight, kept their bandanas & their sweet faces from washing out from the glaring sun. We love that detail!


Marley, a Las Vegas Local Model 

 No cars, no trash cans, no people, just Marley laying pretty amongst an urabn setting. We love the interest this picture brings in its setting, but what we mostly love is that Marley and his bow is all you see.

"A camera didn't make a great picture, any more than a typewriter wrote a great novel"
Peter Adams