Easy Homemade Dog Birthday Cake

It's paw-ty time! 
Our easy and healthy dog cake recipe will allow you to create a bakery quality cake for your pup.

 The best part of making your own pupcake at home is knowing what's in it. The most frustrating thing I've personally experienced, is bringing home a store-bought special treat for my dog and having their tummy get upset. This is a dog cake you can feel good giving your dog in moderation on their birthday, gotcha day or just because.

Dog with a Dog-Friendly Cupcake

Our Carrot & Oat Dog Cake Recipe

We have so many customers who shop with us to create homemade baked goods for their dogs with our dog biscuit cookie cutters. We enjoy sharing dog treat recipes, but we thought it was time to share a pupcake recipe! 

We also wanted to show how you can use our dog biscuit cookie cutters to decorate a dog cake. It's totally possible to DIY a dog cake and easily make it look professional.

As far as our Carrot & Oat Dog Cake Recipe, let's just say it's pretty much a carrot cake, less the large amounts of sugars and fats. A low-fat and low sugar cake, is essentially what a dog cake is. It's made the same as a human cake. Only difference is, dog cake includes mindful and safe ingredients that cater to your dog's dietary needs. 

Carrot & Oats Dog Cake Ingredients

Let's talk about a few of the ingredients in our recipe and their benefits:

Coconut oil- aids digestion and is great for your dog's coat.

Oats- adds healthy fats & proteins compared to other grains. 

Carrots- adds a natural sweetness and moisture to the cake. Plus, it adds nutritious vitamins, like vitamin A.

Pure maple syrup - helps boost your dog's immune system. It includes calcium, manganese, potassium, vitamin B2, and antioxidants.

Prepping your Baked Cake 

Our biggest tip to get a professional looking cake, is to create an icing surface that is level and not covered in crumbs. There's nothing worse than icing your cake and getting cake crumbs into your icing. A lopsided cake might be the next worst thing.

Baked Dog Cake Preparation

First, get rid of that dome shape on top of your cake. Take a serrated bread knife and even out the top. Once level, flip your cake over. The bottom of the cake is the surface you will add icing to, to decorate.

Take a pastry brush or basting brush and brush off any excess crumbs before you begin to ice your dog cake.

Icing Your Dog Cake

Our Dog-Friendly Icing Recipe is one your dog's will love! The key ingredient is cream cheese. What dog doesn't love cheese?! In combination to the cream cheese, we added greek yogurt to help cut the richness of the cream cheese. Plus, greek yogurt is packed with probiotics which is great for your pup's tummy

Dog-Friendly Icing Recipe

Want to add some color to your dog’s icing? Use single ingredient plant-based food coloring to color your icing. We used Red Dragon Fruit powder to make a beautiful hue of pink and Blue Spirulina to create a gorgeous blue.

Once you have your icing prepped and ready, fill a piping bag. If you don’t have a piping bag, use a Ziplock plastic storage bag instead. Once filled, cut the tip. You want to create a nice dime shaped piped line of icing. To test, pipe icing into the existing bowl of icing. Don't test directly on your cake. Piping icing has been known to splatter from air pockets, so you want to make sure you have a nice flow of icing coming out of the bag before you begin. 

Color Your Dog Friendly Icing with Plant-Based Food Coloring

After you created added icing to the perimeter, fill the center with icing. I like to add a heap in the center that I will smooth out to the edges. This prevents and crumbs from getting on the top portion of my icing. Take an angled icing spatula and smooth out icing from center to the perimeter until smooth and leveled. Don't have an icing spatula? Use the back side of a large knife instead. 

Decorate your Dog Cake

After icing your dog cake, add some treats on top or the sides to decorate! We make that easy for you with our large assortment of Dog Biscuit Cookie Cutters that are made for Birthdays, Gotcha Days and more. We even have a line of Dog Biscuit Cutters that are letter shaped & number shaped. Our numbers include single & double-digit cookie cutters, because we cannot forget our most precious senior dogs. Use our letter cutters to personalize your dog's cake with their name. The possibilities are endless. Get creative and have fun

Dog Cake Decorated with Dog Biscuits made with our cookie cuttersWhat's great about making dog biscuit treats, is you can make extra. That way they can celebrate their birthday all week and month long. Obviously we shouldn't feed them cake every day, even its "dog-friendly". But a treato or two every day is okay. At least that's what both my dogs tell me.


Every cookie cutter order comes with our easy & exclusive Pantry Dog Biscuit Recipe. You will have no worries in figuring out a good recipe to bake treats with. 

Important, Always Check Your Food Product's Ingredient List

Not all human-grade food products are made the same. Before making anything homemade for your pups, check over individual food product packaging to ensure they are no additives that are toxic for your dog to consume. Example, make sure if a recipe includes peanut butter or yogurt, you find a product that does not have Xylitol added. Xylitol is a common additive in human foods. Our tip, find a product that has a clean or single ingredient list. Besides possibly finding toxic ingredients, some products include added refined sugars that our furry babies don't need.

My Favorite Dog Baking Ingredients 

I often get asked for suggestions of what products I use when making my recipes. Also, I've been asked about baking tools. To help my customers, I've compiled all my personal favorite baking products and gadgets into a one list. My list is everything I like to use when baking for my own two fur kids, Loki & Drax. Here's a link to my favorites: Loki Doki Dog Baking Essentials . 

Happy Baking!

We love seeing pups enjoying our recipes. If you bake up our dog cake recipe, please share it with us. You can tag us on Instagram @lokidokidogshop