Our Story

In early 2020, my family brought home two littermate lab puppies, Loki & Drax. Although we had dogs in the past, it was sometime since we had a puppy. As I shopped for collars for my growing boys, I noticed how they easily they tattered and how there wasn't much selection that reflected my style.
Loki and Drax - Loki Doki Dog
I decided to dust off my sewing machine and make collars for them. Not only were they better than what I bought at my local pet stores, but they were softer and more gentle around their necks, giving them more comfort.


In September of 2020, Loki Doki Dog was born after I gave thought to making collarsdog bandanas and other dog accessories for pet parents that were seeking better quality goods for their pets with style options, along with comfort. My human children were all grown up at this point, so when the idea sparked I knew it would be something I would enjoy. The timing was perfect in my life. So with that, I took on the challenge & submerged myself into product development, branding and knowledge in setting up my own business. Combining my love of dogs, sewing and creating, was joy in itself.

Owner of Loki Doki Dog


Developing my brand has been a work in progress. I knew I wanted a modern vibe for the modern dog mom and parent. Also, I knew I didn't want to outsource the production of my products and keep a large majority of them made in-house, by manufacturing and developing them in our very own studio in Nevada. I have a passion for made in USA products and shopping small when I can. Shopping is an experience and I want it to be a good one for our customers, one you can feel good about.

Quality is another huge part of Loki Doki Dog. It's not about creating a dog product quickly to sell, but being mindful in each aspect of the product. If I would not use it for my own dogs, I will not carry it. All the products that are developed, are done so with great love- from hand selecting fabric to the the last stitch.

Giving back was also important as I started my business. A decision was made to give a portion of profits back to the pet community and help animals less fortunate. I'm so proud of the difference Loki Doki Dog can make when a customer shops with us. It's the least we can do for the pet community and the hardworking rescue groups.


As the shop developed to what is is today, it evolved it to what customers wanted. Loki Doki Dog's original line of dog biscuit cookie cutters were introduced for the home baker and it became a staple of our shop, along with our dog bandanasdog collars, dog bowspoop bag holders and more. Although I design Loki Doki Dog's line of cookie cutters, I soon realized I would need a hand with the manufacturing of them. Denny, my husband, helps with that aspect of the business. From machine maintenance, to running orders, to taking my designs and turning into a cookie cutter. He does it all. Having that extra hand, I was able to start making

Custom Pet Portrait Cookie Cutters and also begin adding custom embroidery on  dog bandanas dog collars. This has helped to expand the product line to include products that could be personalized for our customer's.

Excitement is how I feel for what is to come for Loki Doki Dog's future. My small business has been an unexpected blessing, something I stumbled into with an abundance of joy. My customers allow me to do what I love. I have so much gratitude for all those that are apart of the Loki Doki Dog family & for the new customers that discover us.