Do you have an Instagram account just for your fur child? 

Do you love supporting small business?

Do you love all of Loki Doki Dog’s products and want to share it with your social media followers and friends?

Join our family!


We have two different programs, because not all programs are created equal. We have one for our Brand Ambassadors & one for our Influencers.




Let’s explain the difference by their definitions:

Brand Ambassador: 

Someone who loves a brand’s products, represents their company, completes tasks and help’s spread the word about the brand.

Someone who has influence over the opinions of a given market or industry due to a large following and engagement with their followers.

Program Differences & Benefits 
Brand Ambassador:
  • Commission on referral sales
  • Welcome Discount
  • Welcome Gift with first purchase
  • Discount for when you shop
  • Sneak Peaks and early access to new products
  • Ways to earn free product, credits, coupons and gifts!
  • Get to know other dog accounts in the IG community
  • Private team group chats through Instagram, that require engagement
  • Limited number of spots available, creating a tight-knit group of Ambassadors
  • Potential to be featured on our website & IG account
  • Team environment
  • Commission on referral sales
  • Welcome Discount
  • Opportunity to be picked for campaigns to promote goods, in exchange for discounted or free product.
  • Geared towards accounts with high engagement and follower counts
  • Potential to be featured on our website & IG account
  • Independent environment

Currently all spots have been filled on our amazing team of brand ambassadors, but we still encourage you to apply. Occasionally we have made the decision to bring in an ambassador mid-term. We have four terms per year.

In the meantime please consider engaging with us on Instagram @lokidokidogshop, so we can get to know you and your account. We will pull all applications that come in for the next term that opens up. 

Our influencer program is on-going.

If you are accepted into either program, we will contact your within 1-2 weeks after your application is received.

In the meantime, take a look at our Brand Ambassador & Influencer Content Guide for photo tips and exactly what we are looking for when modeling our products.


Please read the agreements before you apply to learn more about each program